“Together Talks” feature #64: Yummate

Some Background on Yummate

For today’s edition of “Together Talks” campaign, KLS had the chance to interview Kadriye Cakaloglu, Founder, of Yummate. The company introduced 3 delectable flavors of chickpea puffs and aims to bring nutritious, but bold products to snacking. As Yummate says on their website, snacking is more than just a quick bite to eat – it’s a way of life. Whenever and wherever there is fun, snacks are around. That’s why they are celebrating the joy of snacking. But snacks can be tricky, so we have to be picky. Much loved “fun” snacks, tempting us with their tantalizing flavors but leave us burdened with guilt. To shake things up, Yummate create smart options that are guilt-free, yummy, and fun. Their nutritious snacks have a plant-based twist and bold flavors that you love. Join their like-minded community and share the passion for indulgent and wholesome munching.

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Fresh start, fresh approach

Yummate was founded in April of 2023 with their first product launch just last month! Kadriye shared that it had been her goal to create a company from scratch for a while. She loved the challenge of building from the ground up and having the ability to influence each component of the business. She settled in on CPG and snacking specifically as she has always considered herself a health conscious consumer. She realized that while it is becoming more common to find healthy snacks, the taste doesn’t always match consumers wants and demands.

Yummate enters the equation here bringing it’s unique approach to puffs using chickpeas in lieu of potatoes (or even worse unknown ingredients!). Chickpea is a super food that possesses many benefits and a reason why consuming these puffs allows you to enjoy the snacking without the guilt. Yummate comes in three flavors, Cheddar (which is most common in the space), but also sweet corn and peanut. Kadriye shared, “Our customers love that we brought new and bold flavors to the space, the feedback has been great!”

Challenging the status quo

The goal is simple, build a community around bringing fun to snacking with a nutritious snack that most importantly TASTES GREAT! Yummate wants to remove the stigma of snacking and allow it to be enjoyable. It can be a part of a healthy lifestyle and when paired with nutritious options it creates a wonderful harmony for consumers. All Yummate products are Gluten Free and Non GMO, with no added sugar. Being able to provide performance with great taste is what sets Yummate apart.

Kadriye shared the feedback has been great so far with almost every review being 4 or 5 stars on Amazon. She mentioned one of the bigger challenges for the company was the saturation in the snacking space including “healthy snacks”. This creates hurdles for Yummate to jump over in terms of brand awareness being a fresh start up. As a result, Kadriye believes in sampling as often as possible along with partnering with influences through social media, blogs, and websites. The ability to get the word out and then allow these consumers to try the product is the best sales pitch, “Nothing compares to word of mouth advertising in my opinion. We trust those around us, so when they say they are trying something or enjoying something we don’t want to miss out.”, Kadriye explained.

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Enjoy the processes

Starting at zero would seem like a daunting challenge for most, but it has been exciting for Kadriye. She told us that working previously with start-ups she enjoyed the trial and error component. “I’ve always liked to help build and develop to the companies I’ve worked at. Implementing strategies, gathering feedback, analyzing the results, and then creating new strategies has been a real joy of mine. Those experiences have shaped the way I want to run Yummate, data driven solutions.”, Kadriye informed us.

One challenge for Kadriye is the aspect of being a solo-preneur. She peeled back the curtain for us, “I quickly had to learn how some things happen that are not expected. I’ve learned that each week, each day is filled with something amazing and something unexpected. Understanding how to accept all of that, harness my emotions, and remain balanced is something I work on daily.” This insight from her was further elaborated with her desire to remain calm and focused with each task she comes across. As the Founder, she is getting acclimated in every aspect of her business while creating the foundation for what is to come.

Holistic Approach & Philosophy

Constantly she is observing consumer insights, other brands to learn from historical successes and pivots and what is gaining traction. But also Kadriye will go back in time and study the history of how a company pivoted or made a jump in acceleration, for her to understand how they got from point A to point B is incredibly valuable. By understanding how companies succeed, she can implement and modify specific to the Yummate ecosystem and possibly prevent future issues or challenges. She urged how important it is to stay in the moment and believe in yourself, as most things work itself out over time. “We all have the answers and solutions, we will find a way to solve a problem, sometimes we are just in our own way.”, she elaborated.

The focus on product marketing and consumers’ insights will lead Yummate to where she envisions the brand. This includes not only feedback with health conscious consumers who they plan to be part of their community, but also junk food consumers. Staying in touch with all consumers is paramount to achieving the level of brand awareness and ultimately success that Kadriye envisions for Yummate. And that is how the philosophy of the company is structured, great snacking on the go. The bold flavors that provide unique taste while also delivering on nutritious and guilt-free fun snacking.

Yum – “delicious” + mate – “on the go”

Be seen, be heard, be felt

The long term horizon for Yummate and it’s founder is to reach the level of brand awareness known nationwide and even worldwide. Kadriye wants to first bring the consumers to the level of recognizing the brand. From there she’d love to continue to deliver options and alternatives to consumer demands with possible additional product lines in the future. Ultimately she believes this will scale to a level that will enable a successful exit for her and allow her to start the journey over again building something from scratch.

The start to this journey is spending the rest of this year obtaining feedback on the product launch while also solidifying the supply chain of Yummate. By doing so Kadriye believes the company will be well positioned to aim for retail and launch strategically and effectively next year. She mentioned how being the founder and creator often times the chase prohibits this role from understanding the progress being made. She shared, “We are always figuring out how to overcome the next challenge we often times miss all the positive steps we have made. I want to encourage those I’m partnered with to not only seek out solutions for themselves and our company, but also to enjoy the process and appreciate the work they are conquering. Cheering on and supporting each other will drive Yummate to where we want to reach.”

Kadriye explained to us her favorite moment. Now she was happy and enthusiastic our entire chat with her, but when we asked this question her face LIT up, “The first review we received!”, she told us. It’s a memory she frequently revisits, using it as a source of inspiration to celebrate the incredible progress she’s achieved in such a short span. While Kadriye admitted that sometimes she loses sight of this perspective, she’s actively working on incorporating her new business into her life and ensuring that she remains centered and appreciative of every step forward. She also imparted a piece of advice with a heartwarming smile, saying, “Finding a reliable and trustworthy partner might be good because going it alone can be challenging. When you’re flying solo, it’s easy to overlook the significant impact you’re making because you’re deeply immersed in the work. That’s why having a support system and flexible options can be a great help.”

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In Closing

KLS wants to thank Yummate and Kadriye Cakaloglu, Founder, for today’s “Together Talks” feature. Follow along for the Yummate journey with their social handles below!